Quantum Courses

Interested in the quantum coursework available at Columbia? Below you’ll find available opportunities, organized into several broad themes that capture different disciplines in quantum science. For more about a course, its instructor, and when it will be offered next, look up the course number in Vergil. Additional information about courses and registration can be found in the School Bulletins.

Quantum Fundamentals cover the theoretical underpinnings of quantum mechanics.

Courses in Quantum Materials & Nanoscience cover information about the fundamental properties of quantum materials, how to design them, and their potential applications

Courses in Lasers & Optics cover the fundamentals of light and how individual photons interact with atoms, molecules, and materials, as well as applications in emerging optical systems and electronic devices.

These courses cover aspects of Quantum Information Science, as well as adjacent topics in classical computing. Courses cover fundamentals of quantum algorithms and quantum circuits, as well as the theory of algorithms, computational complexity, cryptography, and networks.

These courses are hands-on opportunities for students to gain research experience on quantum topics using cutting-edge techniques and technologies.