Expressing Our Appreciation of Jim Simons

The Simons Foundation has made notable contributions to quantum efforts at Columbia. 

May 15, 2024

Members of the Columbia Quantum Initiative would like to express our deep appreciation of Jim Simons and his expansive vision and charitable support for fundamental science in New York, including quantum. His Foundation has made notable contributions to many of our quantum efforts at Columbia, for which we express our gratitude. 

Jim’s support was instrumental in the establishment of the Max Planck-New York City Center on Non-equilibrium Quantum Phenomena and in helping to recruit faculty members to Columbia. We have also had the pleasure of hosting  Simons Foundation-supported graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who embody Jim’s spirit of scientific curiosity.

We send our condolences to Marilyn Simons, the Simons family, and to Jim’s friends and colleagues. We look forward to continuing to conduct research and welcome young scientists to Columbia in collaboration with the Simons Foundation in the years to come.