Columbia Quantum Initiative Research

Columbia’s mix of theoretical scientists, experimentalists, and engineers pursue curiosity-driven basic research into the quantum world, from photons to atoms and molecules to quantum materials and devices.

We're merging scientific disciplines, using state-of-the-art materials synthesis & structures fabrication approaches, and building bespoke instruments to investigate quantum phenomena. Our collaborative efforts across several quantum research themes are beginning to yield new quantum devices with applications in computers, communications, energy, finance, health, and climate. 

Centers and Focused Research Groups

Columbia leads multiple significant federal and foundation grants pushing the boundaries of quantum science and engineering.

NSF Quantum Computing & Information Science Faculty Fellows
Theoretical and experimental images of state-controlled molecular photodissociation (Sr2).
Theoretical and experimental images of state-controlled molecular photodissociation (Sr2).
AFOSR MURI on Ensembles of Molecules in Controlled Quantum States

Grants & Awards

Lars Onsager Prize Awarded to Boris Altshuler & Igor Aleiner

Columbia theoretical physicists Boris Altshuler & Igor Aleiner have been awarded the 2022 Lars Onsager Prize from the American Physical Society for their foundational work on many-body localization. 

Henry Yuen Wins NSF CAREER Award

The theoretical computer scientist will use the award to push the boundaries of quantum information science.

Theoretical Physicist Ana Asenjo-Garcia Named a 2021 Packard Fellow

One of 20 early-career researchers selected for the fellowship, Asenjo-Garcia is exploring how light and matter interact at the quantum level.